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Wondering How to Choose the Best Showit Template for Your Business? Read This.


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Your website is the single most important marketing tool for your business. But building, launching, marketing, and managing your site can be overwhelming. Or it was — before you found Showit, that is.

I was once where you are. Wanting to establish an online presence I was proud of. Wasting hours searching for the right solution. Overwhelmed by the options available to me. Wondering when I’d find the time to go live once I had a website launch checklist with every step I’d need to take to get there.

Let me save you the headache I experienced and give you a shortcut.

It’s called Showit website templates.

Now, if you were to Google “best Showit templates” you’d find a LOT of options. So I did the work for you and investigated every corner of the internet to find the best of the best.

But first I’m going to convince you why you need to use Showit for your online business.

Why Showit?

To know Showit is to love Showit. But in case you aren’t yet familiar, here’s why I peer pressure everyone into using this no-brainer website builder:

  1. No code necessary.
  2. Drag-and-drop builder that’s incredibly easy to use.
  3. Effortless SEO with built-in features and auto image sizing for extra optimization oomph.
  4. Seamless integrations with opt-in forms, lead captures, shopping platforms, WordPress for blogging, and more.
  5. Side-by-side design capabilities to make sure your mobile design looks as good as your desktop design.
  6. Complete creative control so you can customize to your heart’s content.
  7. A support team you’ll actually enjoy talking to & a library of help articles and videos to get the answers to your questions *FAST*

Honestly, I could go on and on, but here’s the last thing I’ll say:

I always suggest Showit templates to my clients who need design updates along with their website copywriting services. The ones that choose to go with Showit are never disappointed.

But I did have a client that decided against Showit, only to feel bummed out by their experience with their chosen website builder once it came time to launch. They had to hire a developer for every little change that they wanted, which delayed their launch date and held them back from potential sales during the months it took to fix their site and finally go live.

Showit templates might feel like a big investment initially. But if you end up unhappy with your alternate option, you’ll find you could have saved money in the long run by choosing a premium Showit template at the get go.

(Ready to switch to the most user-friendly website builder? Use my link to get one free month of Showit ON ME!)

How to Pick the Showit Website Template That’s Right for You

With so many beautiful options, it can be hard to pick just one. So here are a few tips on how to make sure you select the best Showit template for your online business:

1. Focus on the flow, not the fonts & colors.

In just a few clicks, you can change the colors and fonts across the entire template. So don’t let the fact that the colors or fonts are entirely different from that of your brand keep you from choosing a template you absolutely adore.

Instead, pay attention to the flow of the content, the way content is presented (i.e., how the services sections are laid out), and the pages your template comes with.

If a template is very image heavy, it’s best suited for an industry that emphasizes quality portfolio images like a photographer, brand designer, or event planner.

If a template is content heavy, it’s probably better for the service providers who need to do a little more convincing that their offering is a must-have, like copywriters, Pinterest managers, or virtual assistants.

But there are always exceptions since Showit allows you to easily add text where there isn’t any, remove images you don’t need, or take a section you love from one page and add it to another.

2. Browse the demo sites thoroughly.

My favorite Showit templates — which we’ll get into in a minute — are built with all the strategy you’ll ever need. Which often includes pages for specific pieces of your business like a podcast, an online course, opt-ins, and more.

When weighing your options, be sure to preview and navigate through the demo site thoroughly so you know which pages come with each template. These can always be found on the template’s checkout page.

3. Review the sample designs for each template.

The best Showit template designers go above and beyond by including sample designs for each of their templates to show you what it could look like for different brands and industries.

This can help you look past what’s there right now to see how customizable these templates really are.

Be sure to scroll down each product page to see all the details of the template, including these sample designs, before making your final decision.

4. Know that EVERYTHING is customizable.

On that note, know that literally every inch of these templates is customizable. 

So get creative and use your imagination. Because (lol at how cheesy this sounds, but…) with Showit, if you can dream it, you can build it.

(I told you it was cheesy. But it’s true.)

(Even with these tips, I know how difficult it can be to pick just one. I’ve purchased multiple Showit templates. So if you’re browsing and still not sure which one is right for you, reach out to me! I would love to help guide you.)

Northfolk’s Showit Template Collection

Northfolk makes some of the best Showit templates on the market. In fact, this site you’re on right now is a Northfolk template… pretty nice, huh?

They’re packed with strategy and designed to make sure your site isn’t just seen, but remembered, too.

And their templates don’t stop at your core website pages (Home, About, Services, Contact). They also come with links pages for promoting your site on social, blog, 404 error, opt-in pages, resource pages, a shop page, and a whole lot more.

On top of website templates, they also offer sales funnel kits with all the strategy already in place, so all you have to do is drop in your copy, hit ‘Publish’, and sell your stuff like hotcakes.

Basically, they’re marketing machines that make sure your website is living up to its full potential.

Here are some of my favorites:

(Use code ‘upstairsstudio’ for 15% off everything at Northfolk.)


High Tide Northfolk Showit template

Fresh. Coastal. Breezy.
Best for founders looking to show off their work with big, beautiful imagery.


City Faire Northfolk Showit template

Chic. Metropolitan. Polished.
Best for service providers also passionate about education.


Sunday Northfolk Showit template

Clean. Serene. Modern.
Best for service providers with a shop or passive income arm of their business.


Euphoria Northfolk Showit template

Contemporary. Sophisticated. Chic.
Best for bloggers, influencers, or interior designers.


Slow Folk Northfolk Showit template

Moody. Artistic. Minimal.
Best for podcasters, wedding professionals, and other modern founders.


Chronicle Northfolk Showit template

Editorial. Classic. And my personal template of choice!
Best for agencies, copywriters, social media managers, or other creatives.

(Click here to browse all Northfolk templates.)

Tonic’s Showit Template Collection

Tonic Site Shop is the only other template designer I recommend to my clients.

They’re as strategic as they are stunning, reviewed by one of the top SEO experts in the industry, and trusted by big names like Amy Porterfield, Jenna Kutcher, and Katrina Scott, amongst others.

As Tonic says, your old website is already jealous.

Along with website templates, Tonic offers Canva marketing templates like social media packs and presentation templates (both of which I own, love, and would buy again).

Out of all the Tonic templates, these are my favorites:

(Use code ‘upstairsstudio’ for 15% off everything at Tonic Site Shop.)


Editorial. Typographic. Approachable.
Best for influencers, style bloggers, or fashionable brands.


Modern. Cool. Calm.
Best for coaches, podcasters, or creative service providers.


Minimal. Modern. Image-driven.
Best for photographers or brands in need of showcasing captivating imagery.


Understated. Editorial. Cool.
Best for creatives, service providers, or bloggers.

(Click here to browse all Tonic templates.)

In conclusion, Showit website templates can solve all your website woes.

If you’re ready to elevate and fall in love with your online presence, shop & save on the best Showit website templates with my exclusive discounts.

Use code ‘upstairsstudio’ for 15% off everything at Northfolk.

Use code ‘upstairsstudio’ for 15% off everything at Tonic Site Shop.

And if you need ‘write website copy‘ taken off your plate to go live faster, show proof of purchase of your new Showit template and I’ll give you $100 off your chosen website copywriting package! Because nothing is more exciting to me than helping you fall in love with your online presence.

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