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Why Tonic Site Shop Templates Are the Secret Weapon in My Business


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If you’re an online entrepreneur, you know how wasting your time on literally any task is simply not an option.

You have deadlines to meet, clients to impress, content to create, offers to launch, and ideas bursting at the seams. So why not offload what’s holding you back, sucking up all of your time, or not helping you fall in love with your online presence.

When I started my business, I put a lot of pressure on myself to ~do it all~.

Branding, copywriting, building my website, designing social posts, creating custom marketing materials in Canva… I mean EVERYTHING.

I became quite overwhelmed and felt like I was wasting hours designing marketing content that I didn’t even feel confident in.

But when Tonic Site Shop broke the news that they were adding Canva templates to their already adored Showit website template shop, I knew I was ready to exchange some money for precious hours of my time back.

I’ve gathered quite a collection of Tonic Site Shop templates for myself over the past few years, so I can honestly say they’ve changed my business for the better.

You could say they’re like my business Swiss army knife. (They seriously have a resource for everything. And ya girl LOVES a here-to-make-your-life-and-business-easier resource.) 

Here’s a look at each type of Tonic templates and why they’ve been the secret weapon in my business (& could be in yours, too!).

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01 – Canva Social Media Templates

When Tonic launched their Canva social media templates, the speed in which I took my credit card out of my wallet blew my hair back.

Not really, but I bought them FAST.

I had been wasting hoursss in Canva trying to figure out how to translate my brand design into a semi-curated Instagram feed that wouldn’t just share helpful content, but be beautiful to look at, too.

I’m no designer, so it was a giant waste of time and my Instagram stayed sparse (and ugly) for too long.

Tonic’s Canva social media template packs include:

  • Content Packs
  • A Marketing Pack
  • A Sales Pack
  • Stories + Reels Covers Packs 

So whether you need to showcase something you’ve worked really hard on, launch or sell a product, or master reels…they’ve got you covered. 

Yep—you can stop spending hours making graphics for Instagram (been there) and scouring Canva for the right template (done that).

But the best part is that they’re completely customizable, stunning, and built with signature Tonic strategy (aka designed to help you beat the algorithm & stand out in the feed).

Choose your packs, customize ’em, and watch those likes roll in.

02 – Canva Presentation/Slide Deck Templates

The newest addition to Tonic, these Canva slide deck templates are just another way to get back hours of your work day.

I just added the Speaking + Presentation slide deck pack to my Tonic collection and can already tell it’s going to save me days of work as I put together my first online course. (Yep. I’m building a website copywriting course that’ll be available for a fraction of the cost of hiring a copywriter 1:1. But more on that another time.)

03 – Showit Website Templates

When I first launched my website, I used Tonic’s Manhattan template. I purchased the template and went live in a matter of days. Which meant I could get launched faster and start making money sooner.

And because I saved money on my website, I was able to invest in a brand designer and a CRM and STILL have a custom looking website that impressed visitors.

Oh, and don’t forget about mobile design. Tonic Site Shop website templates are designed to look stunning and work flawlessly on any device. No more frustrating mobile experiences for your visitors.

But, Shannon, you don’t even have a Tonic template anymore! Right. My base template isn’t a Tonic one. I switched a year after my initial site launch. BUT I still use many of the canvases from my initial Tonic template and add-on pages I’ve purchased from them to make my website that much more custom. In short, the investment continues to pay off.

04 – Showit Add-On Pages

Speaking of add-ons, Tonic also has a full suite of Showit add-on pages and canvas expansion packs.

My favorite add-on is the Digital Marketing Essentials Kit.

I’ve had this kit for a while simply because I knew it’d come in handy. As I inch closer to launching my first copywriting course, it definitely has.

It includes:

  • Long-form lead page (perfect for growing your list with a freebie/download or event registration)
  • Short events page (give a quicker overview of & gain registrations for your upcoming event, masterclass, or webinar)
  • Short freebie page (give more context to your freebie to convince them to download)
  • Thank you page (confirm they’ve joined or downloaded and get them excited by showing them what they can do next)

That’s why these Showit website templates are such a game-changer. We’re talking about launching your entire website or a new offer in a matter of hours instead of months. Imagine the freedom of skipping the lengthy development process and diving straight into what you do best: creating, connecting, and growing your business.

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a huge advocate of Tonic Site Shop. Because building your dream business shouldn’t cost you your sanity.

And while the templates aren’t inexpensive, neither are custom design services. Luckily, Tonic already offers great payment plan options. But you can use my code ‘UPSTAIRSSTUDIO’ to save 15% on everything in their shop.

With Tonic website templates, you can confidently say you’re betting on yourself, investing in your business, and taking the first step toward creating the life you really, really want. Yes, a new website CAN do all of that (& much, much more).

Have we met yet? I’m Shannon and I’m obsessed with helping creative entrepreneurs fall in love with their online presence.

Looking for support with your website copy? Here’s how I can help:

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